Japanese garden

Blouse: Zara; Jeans: Top-shop; 

Hellou my lovely readers! I did not post for a long time. We had to make pictures but I did not put them online.It's really a lot of work to have an active and nice blog.And somehow I did not have the time.This is my first pregnancy, so I will also share my experiences. On these pictures I was 23 weeks pregnant. In my first and second trimester I gained some weight yet people did not notice my bump, and I had to buy a pair of pregnancy jeans because I could not wear my old ones. 

      Have a great week! Till next time!  


  1. Nice location and cool look!


  2. I Read only now about you pregnancy. .so congrats!! What a wonderful news!So happy for you!!!p.s. your premaman look is..top!!!😊


Thank you for comment <3 !

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