Blue dress

Dress: Made by me ( simple pattern from burda)
Shirt: Mango
Bag: Zara 
Shoes: Vogele shoes
Blet: Forever 21

Remeber my problem with finding flat shoes? It's so difficult to find comfortable shoes for walking. If you know good shoes for walking (except Chucks [best shoes ever!]) let me know!  I bought a pair of shoes ( those on pictures) but they are actually not flat. Furthermore, they are not so good as I first thought. The weather is so warm and I now need only sandals. :)

Till next time <3

and tnx my friend Vesna for pictures

Long skirt

Skirt: made by me
Blouse: vintage
Jacke: Tera Nova ( old )
Bag: Springfield
Flats: Pimkie (old)

Here it is finally warm and sunny, what a great weather! We have no sea here but we have a famous river called Donau. Maybe I will go there on sunday.
I made this shirt and now the time has come to wear it. Tomorrow I will find a perfect pair of flat shoes if possible. Sandals are also on my list for the future. What are you going to do this weekend?
 Till next time! <3 


Jacke and pants: Zara
Shoes: JC
Blouse and bag : H&M

It was great weekend with my friends, how was your weekend?

and my photopage:my deviantart

Vintage blue

Blouse: H&M
Skirt: Zara ( old , only 5€ )
Bag: Zara old
Shoes: Deichmann

Oh i love that skirt, its so vintage! And i need some tutorials for my scarf.
Have great weekend!!

Cool videos and Black outfit

Jacket: Zara
Blouse: Forever 21
Shoes: JC
Pants: Zara old
Bag: H&M

And my hair :S I dont like it . What du you think about this jacket? I love it!
Some amazing videos....

Beautifull videos by Venesa Bruno.
whole channel:

Little red dress

Jacket: Zara
Dress: made by my granny
Black shirt with collar: H&M
Shoes: Zara TRF

And I think thats my hair is definitely better in bun version, what do you think?
And here in Vienna is so cold , I want summer, now!

Projects and tutorials

Hello people!

I'm busy lately because I have so much to sew. I will show you some projects I'm working on.
I'm making a lace dress for my friend and it's really a lot of hard work because I'm not sewing for myself which is always easier. It's really a nice combination: blue lace with peach material.

 After that dress I will make a lace dress for me but in white/nude combination. I've got a beautiful lace as a present and I can hardly wait to start with this project.

 Last week I wanted to buy something nice but everything was too expensive. I was in Zara and I saw this beautiful blouse, but the price was around 30€ what is a little too much for something that I can sew myself. Here you can see some work in progress of my version :.
And for that blouse I'm planning to finish that asymmetric skirt and then this will be like dress :D

 Now lets move on the tutorial. Do you remeber my asymmetric skirt?

I've found a great tutorial on this blog. If you have some boring skirt you can turn it into a new skirt  ( TUTORIAL ) or if you want to make a brand new one just use the guide of this tutorial :)  
and then again use first tutorial!

Till next time! <3

Baggy pants

 Blazer: H&M
Blouse: Pimkie
Bag: Springfield 
Blet: H&M
Baggy pants: Zara
Shoes: JC 

I colored my hair and i'm pleased with it. I want my hair to grow a bit more, but till that happens I have the need to change some things :)
This is my first pair of ´´´baggy pants´´ . I bought them for 15 € on sale. Their price was 40 €!
And I've discovered that I don´t have any flat shoes, so soon I must find good flat shoes. That is so difficult because I like heels much more!

Thank you for reading , till next time <3 !
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