Floral Dress

Dress: Self made from Burda pattern
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes : Rosa 

Tutorial : Make lace shorts

 I hope that you can everything from the pictures understand :)

Have a nice day! :)

Backless dress!

I finished that dress from my last post , and Im satisfied . and that dress is the best wear  without braa.
And i didn´t that bow on the back nice tie :D 

I could´t sleep this night  because i i thought on  this dress! 


And I i thought that how I will make it! I live in buildings where I can only till 10p.m something with noise do. (and i can only draft patters or something similar , because that make no noise :D )
I just want have this dress for my  holiday on beach! :D
Soon you will se the result!

Blue dress outfit

Shoes: H&M
Dress: selfmade
Belt: Forever 21
Bag: Zara

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