Wardrobe organizing

Spring is coming slowly. So it's time to organize my garderobe. I decided to share some inspirations and useful links for this.
I always put my winter clothes in boxes and store my spring/summer clothes in my closet. I want to buy a closet rack because they seem so useful to me. Then I will put my season garderobe on that and I will have more space for shoes and bags. I love when I can see my garderobe and then get immediately inspired.

(photos source : pinterest.com )

I found this one in IKEA: 

But you can make on by yourself as shown in this link.

How do you organize your clothes? If you have some tipps please share it with me !
Till next time! Have great day!



Instagram week


Lovely Vienna
I finnaly found them and on sale!
Trip to Croatia
Mum's cat
New ombre hair, my mum stole my cap
My new ombre hair
 Dog from my brother

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Snow snow

Firmoo giveaway !!

One year or more...


Polka dots

Instagram post

1. Snow in Vienna
2,3. Im obsessed with making caffee latte
4. We were on friends wedding 
5. I sewed for me and my shop
6. My sale catch - H&M heels for 5€ , Forever 21 heels for 8€ and polka dots sweather for 5€

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