Waiting for the Summer!

Few month back I see this outfit and I love it! It is so simple, and breezy. 

 Some inspiration I always found in Zara I H&M shops

by Zara

by H&M

I was so inspired and  find some old top in my garderobe and add some lace on shoulder. That top I didn’t wear because then white was not my color. But now somehow I like it. So I make a dress. 

Waiting for the summer!


  1. The dresses are gorgeous! Just my thing!
    The addition of the lace on the straps was the winning number! It made the dress irresistible!

  2. Wow! I love the dress I have been wanting a white cotton dress for long time, I haven't found one that I like, you inspire to try to make one asap mysewing machine comes home
    You are very creative, made it out of a top? It looks great! And white looks great on you!! Love it

  3. This is a very pretty dress and just right for the summer months ahead.Well done!! A truly inspirational idea and you look so feminine.

  4. Very nice. You just add the skirt (and the lace)?

  5. Very beautifull dress! Like "Virgin Sucides" style! :-)


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