I had some material left and I found nice pattern , so I decided to make simple blouse.  But that pattern really is all, except simple! ;D

8/2009 burda
As you see , it looks pretty easy , and it is if you use an overlock machine for collar  :D

I had a few problems,as you can see  on the  pictures . I turned upside-down collar and I had to rip all :D 
And then problems with sewing :D

And finally some good things

But I love sewing because although small errors may happen the outcome can be very satisfying. With other words: You don't have to be perfect.
And the final result is :


  1. It is very vintage... so nice !

  2. Gorgeous Blouse!!! you are so talented! My dream is to make clothes for myself, I am saving for a sewing machine!! I will be visiting your blog for inspirations!! :)

  3. Wow! I made the same back in Sept. but it cannot be compared to yours! Yours is astounding!!!

  4. gorgeous! i really like the color combinations. looks very classic :)


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