You are probably thinking now: who goes with such an outfit in the woods? And the answer is me, hehe...But let me tell you the whole story. My hubby and I went to this town near Vienna and spend the lovely Sunday with really perfect wetter.The town is really small and we finished sightseeing really quickly. And then we thought why not to go to the woods :D. People were stearing at my pants and sneakers but I did not care. There was a great light and we took these photos there. This path is famous because Beethoven took long walks there. .. 

Jeans: Zara + DIY (tutorial here); Shoes: Startes; Coat: Pimkie; Backpack: Primark

I bought these sneakers in Croatia. I saw them on this blog.They are from a Croatian brand and I like this bow which can be also removed. Cute and original. Do you like them?

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      Have a great week! Till next time! 


  1. patike su preslatke, valjda zato ljudi bulje:) ne znam, pretpostavljam. Kombinacija je sve za pet, a kaput mi se jako sviđa. Divne su ove fotografije i ambijent, prekrasno svijetlo sve...nije ni čudo što se svidjelo i genijalnom kompozitoru.

  2. Predivno mjesto, a predivan je i outfit.

  3. these are a very beautiful shots!
    don't forget to see my new look! a really formal look

    NEW OUTFIT IN MY BLOG!!!! READY FOR A FORMAL (collaboration with Tailor4Less )

  4. baš su ti dobre slike u šumi! :D ja obožavam vikend izlete, šteta što si ne mogu priuštiti češće, ali nadam se u budućnosti! patikice su precute kao i ruksak! <3

  5. Super cute bag! Love your coat, adorable shoes! <3

    – Anna

  6. Toliko ti je preslatki i predobar ovaj outfit da bi najradje skvicala od slatkoce!!! PRE! meni bas taman za sumu :)


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