Golden Hour

Shoes: Asos (old)
Overalls: Pull´n´Bear
Cap: H&M
Blouse: Pimkie (old)

Finally we catch golden hour, perfect for photos ! 
Have a great weekend! Till next time!


  1. Oh man I love love LOVE the way you styled those overalls! I've been on the fence about dungarees but you've managed to make them look so cute and chic! I also love your booties and your adorable hat!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. ah...ti i tvoje čizme više, dosadna si! Nabavi neke ružne! :D

    Jako mi se sviđaju, a i kombinacija je prava udobna, taman za ovo vrijeme, vidim ni kod tebe nije prehladno još :)

  3. you look great ! love that pants <3
    cool pics also :)


  4. predivna si mate, košuljica je san snova :*

  5. Sto ja volim taj Golden hour! Savrsen za fotke ;)

  6. Ma predivno izgledas, kao i uvijek! Moram i ja jednom napraviti slike dok je "golden hour", ispale su super :)

  7. super,sve.od glave do pete : )

  8. Predivno, i tvoj paket, i fotke i polozaj sunca...:)

  9. Predivna!
    Tako dobar spoj...oduševljena sam! ;)

  10. love your blouse with the little bow, it's so cute!

    little henry lee

  11. Kako ovo dobro izgleda. Zaista od slika, efektića pa do tebe i outfita. Post za 10-ku. Svaka čast i jedva čekam nastavak bloga.

  12. Divne su fotke i tvoj outfit! Obozavam ovaj zlatni sat u fotografiji...

  13. I love the way you style overalls. ^_^ You make them look so feminine. I have a pair of overalls that I have as of yet to wear. I'm not confident I can pull off the look, but man they are super comfortable aren't they? Haha <3 Maybe I'll just wear them around the house a bit to get used to seeing myself in one. :P

    - Anna

  14. Preslatko! Svidja mi se kombinacija printova i kako ti ovako stoji kapica :)

  15. With this look you make me want to have an overalls for me too (also called a dungaree) !!! Very nice outfit (as always in fact...)
    Kiss from Paris and keep in touch
    Charlotte from Trip in my dressing


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